Easter 40

Easter Tweet

A tree strung with Easter eggs. A bunny peers up from the bottom, and a delicate bird perches in the upper branches.

Bunny in Bib Overalls

A sweet bunny rabbit enjoys a caramel apple. So fun on fleece blankets and pullovers, as well as seasonal towels!

Egg Painting Bunny

Get ready for Easter with this "honey bunny" on linens, shirts, and lots more.

Easter Eggs Basket

An Easter basket, designed in a soft, storybook style. Beautiful for Easter projects!

Easter Basket & Bow

An Easter basket loaded with yummy treats.

Easter Bunny and Basket

Hippity-hop-hop! This Easter bunny is eager to make his rounds, delivering chocolates and treats along the bunny trail.

Easter Bunny with Notions Basket

Who needs eggs? This bunny has the right idea for what stitchers want to see hopping down the bunny trail: a basket filled with sewing notions.

Happy Easter Chick

Decorate for Easter with this old-timely scene of a chick and Easter basket full of spring flowers.

Cheep Chick Stack

Playful chicks are oodles of fun on bath towels, quilts, shirts, bibs, and more.

Build A Happy Easter Flag (Medium)

Bunny surrounded by Easter eggs.

Duckling in Pond

A young duck paddles in a pond. Designed in a soft storybook style. Beautiful on Easter and spring projects!

Egg Coloring

This artistic bunny paints an Easter egg. Designed in a soft, storybook style. Beautiful for Easter projects!

Happy Easter 1

The timeless flair of art nouveau lends a unique flair to this joyful Easter design.

Bunny Painting Chick

An Easter bunny paints a little chick.

Easter Bunny and Chick Buddy

This design features a bunny and a chick sharing an Easter egg among bright tulips.

Easter Bunny with Backpack

This Easter bunny has a sack filled with eggs to deliver.

Happy Easter 2

Words spelled out with Easter critters, chocolate bunnies, paint cans, and more.

Pysanka Egg Trio

Pysanka, the fine art of egg decoration, is a traditional part of Ukrainian culture.

Easter Egg Painting Party

Easter critters paint eggs.

Easter Topiary

Decorate your home with a sweet Easter egg topiary and bunny design! Perfect for wall hangings, table linens, pillows, and more.

Happy Easter 3

A bunny in a basket, paired with the words 'Happy Easter.

Easter Artists - Brown Bunny and Egg

A crafty bunny paints an egg to get ready for Easter. Very cute on towels and bibs!

Easter Banner - Cross & Lilies

A cross and lilies design, great for altar cloths and Easter banners.

Rose and Lily Cross 2 with Swirls

Roses and lilies are perfectly paired in this elegant cross design. Magnificent on tote bags, pillow shams, wall hangings, and Bible covers.

Easter Bunny Whimsy

Delight children of all ages with this whimsically cheery Easter bunny

Busy Bunny and Butterflies

This design features a busy bunny painting colorful Easter eggs, with a little help from butterfly friends.

Easter Lilies

The lily is a popular of symbol, meaning rebirth, renewal, and growth.

Bunny Cupcake

A sweet bunny cupcake is a tasty addition to towels, tote bags, wall hangings, and more!

Chick Cupcake

A sweet chick cupcake is a tasty addition to towels, tote bags, wall hangings, and more!

Bunny-Loving Stack

A trio of rabbits, with colorful carrots.

Egg Juggling Duckling

Get ready for Easter with this adorable duckling on linens, shirts, and lots more.

Happy Easter Egg

Flowing letters and fancy stars fill an egg shape with a "Happy Easter" wish. A lovely design for table linens, towels, banners, and more!

Happy Easter

Stitch a happy Easter greeting with the whole bunny bunch on shirts, decorations, and more.

Easter Sunrise Collage

A medley of Easter morning elements: Doves, lilies, cross, and Bible. The thorny border is reminiscent of the crown of thorns.

Easter Basket Bouquet

Gorgeous flowers and painted eggs form a fabulous Easter basket bouquet. A beautiful design for wall hangings, framed embroidery, quilts, and more!

Bunny in Daffodils

A bunny stops to smell the flowers in a delightful design for wall hangings, quilts, pillow covers, and more!

Easter Egg Clothesline

This clothesline design is nice on tea towels, aprons, and t-shirts. It features colorful letters spelling the word Easter, and an eye-catching variety of dyed eggs.

Blooming for Easter

A flowerpot blooms with spring flowers, a butterfly, and umbrella. An Easter egg decorates the pot. Delightful on towels and table linens!

Happy Easter Square

This square design is filled with classic Easter imagery and words. It's a wonderful addition to tea towels, pillows, and placemats!

Easter Bunny Clothesline

A sweet bunny hops his way down the Easter clothesline. Very cut on shirts, wall hangings, table linens, and more!